Andrea Branzi at Design Miami/Basel 2019 exhibition "Elements: Earth"

Aric Chen notes “We probably don’t need to point out that the extent to which human activity is changing the planet is a pressing issue, and to address this in the context of a collectible design fair is I think really compelling.”

The exhibition includes work by Andrea Branzi, the co-founder of the Italian design collective Archizoom in the 1960s, and a designer whose work is broadly represented at Casati Gallery as well. This time Branzi’s “Territories” installation has been presented by Friedman Benda.

Interior of the Territories cabinet designed by Andrea Branzi

Andrea Branzi "Territories"

The show includes approximately 25 works by Andrea Branzi that he made over the past 40 years. Aric Chen questions design’s impact on our planet on our planet at Design Miami/Basel.

In these works Branzi explores the human relationships with the surrounding landscape; a topic that has been an ongoing theme of Branzi’s work for some time. Another good example of a work that approaches this topic is the Giardino Cabinet made by Andrea Branzi in 2006 (image below).