Gino Sarfatti
Floor lamp model 1050/1
Maker: Arteluce
ca. 1955
Painted metal, brass, marble
82 h in.

This floor lamp is a variation of the 1050/1 floor lamp.  This custom model was commissioned by architect and architecture historian Liliana Grassi, who was a friend of Italian architect and light designer Gino Sarfatti, for her house in Milan.  The lamp was designed by Sarfatti and made by his light manufacturing company Arteluce circa 1955, and varies from the other 1050/1 lamps in that its base is made out of a circular marble as opposed to the metal ribbon-shape base used in the other 1050/1 floor lamps.  The 1050/1 lamp design shows a marked influence of architect Vittoriano Viganò, who was the artistic director of Arteluce in the early 1950’s while Gino Sarfatti spent time in the US, by using a long metal arm with a cone-shape shade as the only source of light and a metal concave circular shape that functions both as an ornamental element that brings sculptural harmony to the lamps, as well as a surface to reflect and diffuse the light emanating from the cone shade.

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Lumières, je pense à vous 1985, pg. 137 (for a variation of this model), Paris, Editions Herme

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