Enzo Mari
Aquatic animals jigsaw puzzle
Maker: Danese
Expandable resin
13½ w x 9⅞ d x 1¼ h in.

16 pcs – 3 mammals, 1 mollusk, 12 fish, many possible stacking compositions
Nontoxic, floatable, non breakable
Age: 2 to 12 years

Designed by Italian furniture designer Enzo Mari and manufactured by design studio Danese in Milan, Italy, in 1974.

Product Description
This puzzle consist of 16 aquatic animals (12 fish, 3 mammals, and 1 mollusk). The aquatic animal figures fit into one another in the form of a jig-saw, but each figure can also stand upright on its own. This puzzle reflects Enzo Mari's playful character and, just as his book "The Apple and the Butterfly", his interest in creating playful learning experiences for children.
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