Michela Cattai's Murano glass vases

Michela Cattai – Oceano – glass vases from the Canneto Laguna collection

Michela Cattai – Canneto Screziati glass vase

Michela Cattai moved from Milan to Venice in 1984, where she studied at the Academy of Fine Arts. She focused on studying glass, and her interest in glass as material combined with an appreciation for Italian design led her to research and experiment with (centuries old) Murano glass crafting traditions. Cattai eventually reinterpreted those crafting methods, which resulted in being selected to participate in a group exhibition (contemporary section) at the glass museum of Murano during her studies. Cattai has a deep knowledge and appreciation for glass as her medium. She is manipulating glass creating the most original and beautiful shapes and forms. Each piece is carefully crafted, one of a kind work of art.