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Italian furniture manufacturer and design studio

Azucena (established in 1947) was an Italian premier furniture manufacturer and design studio; it was founded in Milan in 1947 by Italian architects Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Ignazio Gardella, and Corrado Corradi Dell’Acqua–along his wife Franca Tosi and sister-in-law Maria Teresa Tosi. Initially the architects intended to design furniture and lamps exclusively for the buildings and houses that they had created, and for their own private collection. But Azucena soon leapt at the opportunity to design furniture, lights, and accessories for a broader affluent European audience. Over the years, Luigi Caccia Dominioni and Ignazio Gardella developed numerous designs for Azucena; Ignazio Gardella focused mostly on lighting, whereas Luigi Caccia Dominioni developed a more ample set of furnishing designs. read more

Many of the products designed and manufactured by the Azucena design studio became quite successful and popular among the bourgeoisie Italian and European clientele. Among Luigi Caccia Dominioni most popular Azucena designs are: the Catalina armchair (1950), the LP10 wall lamps (1950), the Imbuto lamp (1953), the Monachella floor lamp (1953), the LP7 wall sconces, the LP11 wall lamp (1958), the Nonaro sofas and chairs (1961), and the Toro easy chair (1973). But many of the early Luigi Caccia Dominioni lamps were produced in very few quantities and with an extreme attention to craftsmanship, as is the case of the Sasso floor and table lamps (ca. 1950), and their scarcity contributed to their popularity.   Among Ingazio Gardella’s most popular Azusena designs are: the LP7 wall sconces (1955), LP8 pendant light (1956), LTE8 floor lamp (1956), the LT6 Floor lamp, LP12 sconces (1958), a wide variety of adjustable tables.

By the turn of the century Azucena’s sales declined. On September 2018, the Italian furniture manufacturer B&B Italia announced that it had bought the Azucena trademark and the remaining rights to commercialize re-editions of the first 20 products designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni for the company.


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For more information go to: “B&B Acquires historic Italian brand Azucena”, Design Daily

Last updated: October 29, 2019

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