Bench by Vottorio Valabrega

Vittorio Valabrega

Italian artist and designer

Vittorio Valabrega (1861–1952) was an Italian artist and designer. The Valabrega Brothers company was opened in Turin in 1884. It became known for the production fine-quality liberty-style furniture. Vittorio Valabrega became the owner of the company in the mid 1890s. Valabrega participated in the 1898 Turin exhibition, where he won the Silver Medal; the Paris 1900 Universal Exposure exhibition, where he was awarded the Gold Medal; the 1906 Milan exhibition, where he won the Jury Grand Prize; and the 1911 Turin exhibition, where he was awarded the Gold Medal.

His furniture designs are known for using almost exclusively wood as their basic structure and using a combination of mirrors and wood in his cabinet designs. These woods are often highly polished and tinted in dark colors.

Last updated: December 9, 2019

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Vittorio Valabrega's products

Vittorio Valabrega's products

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