Portrait of french designer Philippe Nigro with suit and an overcoat talking to the camera

Philippe Nigro

French product and furniture designer

Philippe Nigro (born 1975, Nice, France) is a French product and furniture designer. He studied decorative arts at La Martinière in Lyon, France, and product and furniture design at École Boulle in Paris. In 2015, he created for Casati Gallery the Mèstissage collection of marble benches; some of them are made out of interlocking marble pieces, and others are marble benches with bronze legs. In 2017, after Philippe Nigro spent time in Japan, he created a series of vases made out of wood lacquered in Urishi, of which we have a few astonishing prototypes.

In 1999, Philippe Nigro started to work as an independent designer with the Michele De Lucchi studio in Milan, where he has participated in numerous product, furniture, lighting, and interior designs and in exhibition designs for such companies as OlivettiPoltrona Frau, and Artemis. read more

Since 2005, Philippe Nigro has been creating numerous independent furnishing designs, and in 2009, he also started to design for Ligne Roset, a French furniture manufacturer and retailer. With Ligne Roset, Philippe Nigro designed the Confluences sofas and armchairs for which he won the 2009 FNAC and Red Dot contests. He went on to design the Flax armchair and the Inséparables stools. Other design collaborations include the Saturnina line for Piba Marmi, the Unbalanced book case, and the Triangolazione tables for Skitsch.

Last updated: January 22, 2019

For more information on Philippe Nigro, please visit:

Phillipe Nigro Site

Phillipe Nigro at Ligne Roset

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