Portrait of Paolo de Poli

Paolo de Poli

Italian enameller and painter

Paolo De Poli (born August 1, 1905, Padua, Italy–died September 21, 1996, Padua, Italy) was an Italian enameller and painter. After early training in drawing and embossing on metal at the art school Pietro Selvatico of Padua and in oil painting in the studio of the Trentini painters in Verona, he began a career as a portrait and landscape painter.

In 1926, he participated for the first time in the XV Biennale di Venezia with the oil painting Still life. In the 1930s, during his travels and visits to art museums and archaeological sites, he was exposed to the traditional and ancient art of vitreous enamel. Fascinated by these experiences, he devoted himself from 1933 onward to creative enamel works on metal. At first, he experimented with small refined decorative objects of many shapes in brilliant colors. read more

By improving the technique, he mastered the craft and reached the highest levels of innovation. In the 1940s, he collaborated with Gio Ponti in the production of furniture and decorative panels. Later, their collaboration led to new objects of design and animal motifs in sculptural forms. In addition to production of vases, bowls, trays, plates, cups, plaques, and door handles in enamel on copper, he worked on large panels for decorating the interiors of ships and ocean liners, hotels, universities, public buildings, and homes of collectors, in Italy and abroad.

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