Italian glass designer and maker Giorgio Ferro at design and furniture gallery Casati Gallery

Giorgio Ferro

Glass designer

Giorgio Ferro (born 1931, Murano, Italy) is a Murano glass designer and maker. Giorgio was born into a family of glass maker and designers and his father, Galliano Ferro, was the talented glass designer and maker who founded Vetreria Artistica Galliano Ferro in 1955.

Giorgio studied at the Carmini State Institute of Art in Venice, graduating in 1951. From 1951 until 1955 he worked as a designer at the Arte Vetraria Muranese (A.V.E.M.) factory–which was founded by his grandfather Antonio Ferro, his father Galliano Ferro, and by Emilio Nason and Giulio Radi.

After the death of Giulio Ravi in 1952, the young Giorgio took the role of lead designer of A.V.E.M. It is during this time that Giorgio first created the successful Ansa Volante vases, made of thick chromatic iridescent glass–a technique that he had learned from Radi, and designed with sinuous curves, small openings and large handles. These designs were exhibited in the 1952 Venice Biennale to get acclaim.

In 1955, his father founded Vetreria Artistica Galliano Ferro, and Giorgio went to work with him as a designer to eventually he became its director. In 1972, Giorgio Ferro became the main owner of  Veteria Artistica Galliano Ferro and produced numerous designs inspired from the old masters as well as modern designs.

In 2001, Giorgio Ferro’s son Alvis took over as the artistic head of the company. The Vetreria Artistica Galliano Ferro is now led by Paola and Lisa Ferro

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