Italian architect and designer Gianfranco Fini

Gianfranco Fini

Italian artist, designer and architect

Gianfranco Fini (born 1936, Rome, Italy) is an Italian designer, architect, painter, and drawer. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Rome and, after a one-year stay in Paris, was part of a group of artists and architects who were exploring the rapid cultural changes of the 1960s. His artistic exploration during this time included interior decoration, film and theatre design, industrial design, and urbanism.

During the late 1960s and 1970s, Gianfranco Fini focused more intensely on industrial design and created unique furniture designs for Poltronova, Idea, Eurodomus, and New Lamp, among others. In particular, his designs with New Lamp created a unique and iconoclastic collection of futuristic lamps, sometimes in collaboration with Fabrizio Cocchia, as well as light sculptures. His research, light designs, and installations allowed him to receive an invitation to participate in the 1968 Roman Biennale and in the 1975 Venice Biennale. read more

In 1974, Gianfranco Fini moved to Brazil and started Green Line, an urban planning company, and developed important residential projects, such as the Tabatinga Lagoa in Eastern Brazil. He returned to Italy in 1978 and eventually graduated as an architect. During this time, he collaborated with Italian sculptor Mario Ceroli in developing opera sets for the Opera Theatre in Rome.

He created Studio Fini Architettura in the Dominican Republic with the mission of creating urban planning and sustainable tourism projects.

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