Portrait of Italian architect Franca Helg

Franca Helg

Italian designer and architect

Franca Helg (born February 21, 1920, Milan–died June 2, 1989, Milan) was an Italian designer and architect. In 1945, she graduated from Politecnico di Milano. She was active in both architectural planning and industrial design. She often collaborated with Franco Albini, with whom she was associated professionally from 1951 until the death of Albini in 1977.

Helg worked with Albini on many designs for the following companies: Brionvega, ArflexArteluce, and Poggi. Franca Helg was especially involved in the creative and production process for Vittorio Bonacina and San Lorenzo. read more

Her works include the La Rinascente store in Rome, the thermal baths at Salsomaggiore, and the Museum of the Hermits in Padova.

Last updated: February 22, 2019

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