Portrait of Italian architect and designer Claudio Salocchi

Claudio Salocchi

Italian industrial and furniture designer, and architect

Claudio Salocchi (born Milan, 1934–2012) was an Italian industrial and furniture designer and architect. He graduated as an architect at the Politecnico di Milano. Claudio Salocchi produced numerous furniture and lighting designs, and, in parallel, spent much time and effort researching different applications of aluminum alloys, optimizing furniture and layout heights for work and home environments, and using new and unfamiliar configurations that would not compromise the practicality of the piece. read more

In 1960, Claudio Salochi designed his iconic Revolving bookcase for Sormani furniture maker. In 1965 he founded his design shop, and in 1967 formalized what would be a prolific partnership with Sormani, for whom he went on and designed, among others the Palla polyurethane chair (1966), the Appogio polyurethane seat (1971), the Lia aluminum chair (1966), the Ellisse aluminum table (1967), and the Napoleon aluminum table (1973).  In 1979, Salocchi was awarded the prestigious de Compasso d’Oro for his work and research in the design of Metrsosistema  household equipment with Alberti manufacturer.

Throughout his professional life he taught interior and product design at the University of Rome, the State Professional Institute of Furniture and Furnishings in Lissone, and at the School of Architecture of Politecnico di Milano. Claudio Salocchi participated as curator at the “red dot award: product design” in 2004 and 2006. At the end of his career, in addition to being an accomplished architect and furniture designer, he was also considered an expert in the fields of jewelry, accessories, fashion, textile design and new materials.

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