Black chair of Italian designer Augusto Bozzi manufactured by Saporiti

Augusto Bozzi

Italian furniture designer

Augusto Bozzi (1924–1982) was an Italian furniture designer. In the late 1940s, he started designing his iconic chairs and armchairs, and in 1950, he began a partnership with the Saporiti Italia company, an Italian manufacturer of furniture collections, to manufacture its designs. During the 1950s, Augusto Bozzi and Sergio Saporiti, Saporiti’s founder, worked alongside designers Alberto Rosselli and Giorgio Raimondi to create design objects and furniture with streamlined designs and innovative materials.

Augusto Bozzi’s commercial success is, in great part, the result of his partnership with Sergio Saporiti. This strong partnership resulted in designs that combine innovation, discreet simplicity, and lightness. Bozzi’s chair and sofa designs methodically adopt an approach in which thin metal structures are used as support for molded and upholstered seats for chairs, armchairs, and sofas. read more

Last updated: January 15, 2019

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