Aldo Rossi Drawings

Italian architect Aldo Rossi achieved international recognition as a theorist, author, artist, teacher, designer, architect, and for his outstandingly skillful architectural drawings. He was also the first Italian architect to receive the Pritzker Prize for architecture (1990). Among his most recognized architectural work is the postmodern building of the San Cataldo Cemetery in Modena, Italy, but he also built many projects outside of Italy.

Although he is known mostly for his architectural structures and his work as an author, Aldo Rossi was also a superb drawer. His architectural drawings, or studios, are highly sought after by architecture fans and design collectors, who see in Aldo Rossi’s drawings not just a required step to communicating his architectural vision but works of beauty in their own right. It’s also important to remember that Rossi lived and thrived when computer-aided design (CAD) was far from being the norm.

Last updated: June 10, 2019