Casati Gallery at PAD London - Berkley square

Casati Gallery is pleased to announce another commissioned work by Chicago based designer Jonathan Nesci.

Under the parameters of designing a bench that is equal parts sculpture and designed object, Medium Volume is a work of singular elements realized in limestone and galvanized steel. Each finely crafted piece is skewed at 7 degree angle on multiple planes. This unifying thread allows each element to harmoniously coexist, one of the next, perpetually in motion. However as opposites this relationship becomes more complex, highlighting the inherent tension between volumes both solid and void.

The resulting sliced areas of negative space only accentuate this tension and demonstrate the designers acute understanding of its use as a compositional elements.

Medium Volume is currently on exhibit at Pavillon Des Arts Et Du Design in Paris from Wednesday April 2nd to Sunday, April 6th and is available through Casati Gallery.