Casati Gallery in Financial Times review of Design Miami/Basel 2017 fair

Financial Times Design Section featuring Casati Gallery at Miami Basel 2017

Financial Times Design section reviewing Casati Gallery participation at Miami Basel 2017

The Financial Times than goes on to describe that BBPR was the studio “responsible for the groundbreaking 1958 Torre Velasca in the same city: a 100-metre high mushroom-shaped tower that paid homage to Italy’s past (the Palazzo Sforza) and the needs of its mixed-use present. BBPR’s furniture for the Ravellis behaved accordingly, made in walnut, brass and suede to blend in with the family’s copious collection of antiques, but with a conspicuously overt construction to conform with the practice’s modern rationalist beliefs. An anti-loveseat (1958), two conjoined chairs facing different directions, is a highlight.”