Michela Cattai

Michela Cattai

Michela Cattai, Italian glass artist living in Milan.   She moved to Venice in 1984 to attend the Accademia Delle Belle Arti Di Venezia (Academy of Fine Arts) under the guidance of professor Fabrizio Plessi. While at the Accademia she attended a multi-year design course, Vasi Comunicanti, instructed by Ennio Chiggio, an influential member of the N Group of Padua, and narrowed her focus to the study of glass making and crafting.

Her appreciation for Italian design coupled with her expertise in glass led her to experiment and reinterpret centuries-old Murano glass crafting traditions. As a result of these experimentations, she was selected to participate in a group exhibition in the contemporary section of the Glass Museum of Murano (reference publication: “Vasi Communicanti”, glass show at San Nicol, Venice 1987/1988). read more

In 1992 she opened her own shop and art gallery, Galleria Michela Cattai, in Milan, where she promotes a dialogue between art and design with a nod towards the glass of the “School of Nancy” and the great art works of Murano. The gallery broadened her exposure to a multitude of artists and collectors of glass in all its forms and further deepened her knowledge, appreciation, and passion for the material. This passion is most when she is at the Murano shop furnaces, side by side, with master glassmakers that create her designs. It is during these moments, as she is manipulating molten glass, that she reinterprets, in an original and contemporary way, new shapes and meanings utilizing the traditional glass making Murano techniques. Her work in glass uses the vocabulary of old to express the new.

Michela Cattai’s Canneto collection of vases, currently available at Casati Gallery, was conceived in 2015, and it is an expression of her dedication and research in  creating new forms, as well as in the glass making traditions of Murano.  The Canneto collection is an expression that has matured through her years of research and experimentation; and it is the result of her passion for this dust, which in the flames of the furnace, that becomes form and externalization of her thoughts. In 2017 Michela Cattai was invited to present her first exhibition in Italy of the Canneto collection at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome.

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