Architectural drawings by Aldo Rossi

Pritzker price winner architect Aldo Rossi was a prominent architect, theorist, a man of great curiosity who read voraciously and loved movies, but he is also known for his uniquely artistic sketches, drawings, concepts, watercolors, and collages. These architectural drawings allow us to enjoy Rossi’s talent as an architect and artist, and to peak into how he developed his architectural projects and used his drawing genius before AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design).

His obituary in the New York Times comments that “his work combined unabashedly grand forms with the most reductive geometric shapes; it invoked the resonance of a recurring dream or the lyricism of a de Chirico painting.”

Aldo Rossi Untitled architectural drawing - Landscape

Aldo Rossi Untitled architectural drawing - Landscape

Please visit our Collection of Aldo Rossi Architectural Drawings.  This collection spans work from the early 1970s until 1995, and includes artworks on paper and card with pen drawings and watercolors of projects done in Italy and the US.