Italian sculptor and ceramicist Antonia Campi at design and art gallery Casati Gallery

Antonia Campi

Italian artist

Antonia Campi – born in Sondrio in 1921, she studied  sculpture  under Francesco Messina at the Brera Academy of fine Arts inMilan.
In 1947 she decided to use and work with pottery fired at  high temperature as a means of her expression. In the same year some of her drawings were selected for the Diomira prize at the “Galleria Del Milione” in Milan.
In 1948 she joined the “Societa’ Ceramica Italiana” based in Laveno.
In  1951 she created a monumental ceramic Panel for themain entrance of the IX Triennale  in Milan where  it was displayed,with an exceptional light sculpture, “Concetto spaziale” design  by Lucio Fontana. read more

In 1956 Antonia  Campi  left the “Societa’ Ceramica  Italiana”  of Laveno and concentrated in design. In the same year shereceived a nomination for the “Compassod’Oro”forvarioustypesofmetallic utensils such as scissorsthatarepartofthepermanentexhibition of the MoMA of New York.
Antonio Campi became the Director of the CentroArtistico SCI Richard-Ginori in 1971 after the death of Giovanni Gariboldi.
In 1980 she resumed her experiments with a high temperature techniqueto create a new series ofminiatureporcelainpieces.
In 1998 the “Museo lnternozionale del Design Ceramico” from Cerro­Lavenonear Como dedicatearetrospectiveonAntoniaCampi; catalogue Electa by Enzo Biffi Gentili.
Her ceramic, porcelain and metal work can be seen in the collections of the “MuseolnternazionaledellaCeramica”inFaenza, the “Civica Galleria d’Arte Moderno in Gallarate, the Victoria andAlbert MuseuminLondon,the MontrealMuseum ofDecorative Art, theMoMAinNew York,the Staatliches MuseuminMunichandthe Museum of Modern Art in Philadelphia.
Antonia Campi lives and works in Milan.